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getting a working visa in Japan

Work in Japan

If you want to work in Japan, what do you have to do?

There are two important things to bear in mind when you apply for a working visa in Japan. Firstly you have to know which category your work belongs to and secondly your experience / qualifications should be of a level sufficient enough to apply for a working visa. Some require a degree from a university ( or equivalent ), others requires experience. If you are able to fulfill these two requirements, you have taken the first step.  The next step, and it should be said is quite hard, is to look for a company that is not only willing to recruit a foreigner outside of Japan and is ready to sponsor a your working visa.

How working visa system works in Japan

Over eleven million people visited Japan ( including re-entry ) in the year of 2013 alone and around 580,000 people came to work in Japan.

The highest number of applications for a working visa, was for the Specialist in Humanities / International Services visa at 27%. Next came the Engineer’s visa at 14%, then the Technical Intern Training visa at 11%, followed by Intra-company Transferee, Investor/Business Manager visas at around 8 %.

If you are hired by a language school as an English language teacher, then you can work as a teacher under the “Specialist in Humanities / International Services” working visa category.
If you are hired by a company as a system engineer, then you can work as a system engineer under the “ Engineer “ working visa category.
If you are hired by a Chinese restaurant, then you can work as a chef of Chinese cuisine under the “ Skilled labor” working visa category.

This is how the visa system works in Japan. There have been some changes on categorization and new categories added from 2015 April, but measurement of how to categorize visas is more or less the same. There are 17 categories for working visas and you are given only one type of working visa which matches your qualification. That visa allows you to do that specific activity / work only. If you engage in activities beyond your category, then you will be penalised.

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