Do you need legal advice about Japan visa and immigration procedures? Marriage, divorce, bringing families, inheritance, naturalization etc..we can help you with any issues related to your life in Japan. Let us hear your problems and let’s think of a solution together. Hiroshima, Kure, Fukuyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, Miyoshi, Shobara, Jinseki-kogen-cho, Sera-cho etc I can come and have a face to face consultation with you.


Fee at Visa Navi Japan in Hiroshima

1. Basic Fees

Below is a list of our basic fees.

The fees listed below are estimates, please be aware that the final price can only be fixed after consultation and in agreement with you.

* The listed prices do not include the tax.
* If there are any additional expenses that might occur, we will consult with you first and proceed upon your agreement.

1-1. Consultation

 Type Fee  NOTE
Skype consultation  ¥10,000 / 50 mins
  • Decide when to have it and have a Skype after the money transfer has been confirmed.
Face to Face consultation  ¥12,000 / 50 mins
  • In the case that you would like to have the first consultation at your place, the additional cost required to cover travel expenses.

1-2. Document creation and services for Short-Term Stay

 Document creation and services for Short-Term Stay  Fee NOTE
  1. A letter relating to the reason for invitation ( Shouhei Riyu sho )
  2. A list of visa applicants ( Sinseinin meibo )
  3. The schedule of stay ( Taizai yotei hyou )
  4. A letter of guarantee ( Mimoto hoshou sho )
  5. The written document to explain the reason of your stay ( this might not be needed, but if it seems necessary, this will be included )
  6. Advise what documents need to be prepared by inviters
  7. Advise what documents need to be prepared by applicants
¥50,000 * Visa Navi Japan can not apply for a visa, the applicants need to apply for a visa in their country.
* Our service is to create the necessary documents which are to be attached to the visa application form.
* This is a one time payment which can not be paid back  under any circumstances.

1-3. Visa / Status of Residence application submission

Application category   Conditions  Fee  + Revenue stamp   NOTE 
Contingency fee 
Certificate of Eligibility
( Zairyu shikaku nintei shoumei sho koufu sinsei )  
for Japanese spouse  ¥78,000 ¥78,000 Ex: To bring your spouse / employers from abroad
* For business manager, separate quotation is required.  
for others ¥88,000 ¥88,000
Change of Status of Residence
( Zairyu shikaku henkou kyoka sinsei )
for becoming a Japanese spouse ¥78,000 ¥78,000 ¥4,000 Ex: When there are changes on your status of residence, such as getting married / divorced 
for others ¥88,000 ¥88,000
Extension of Period of Stay
( Zairyu kikan koushin kyoka sinsei )  
simple extension ¥70,000 ¥4,000 * This is a one time payment which can not be paid back to you under any circumstances.
with job / other changes involved ¥78,000 ¥78,000  
Permission to Acquire Status of Residence
( Zairyu shikaku shutoku kyoka sinsei )
  ¥70,000 Ex: for a new born baby
* This is a one time payment which can not be paid back to you under any circumstances.
Certificate of Authorized Employment
( Shurou shikaku shoumei sho koufu sinsei )
without changes ¥30,000  –  ¥900 To prove that you are eligible to work under a certain job category
* This is a one time payment which can not be paid back to you under any circumstances.
with job changes ¥50,000 ¥50,000 To confirm that your new job falls under the current visa type by applying for this.
Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted
( Shikakugai katsudou kyoka sinsei )
¥25,000 Permission to work as a part timer
* This is a one time payment which can not be paid back to you under any circumstances.
Permanent Residence
( Eiju kyoka sinsei )
from Japanese spouse ¥88,000 ¥88,000  ¥8,000  
from other status ¥120,000 ¥120,000
Japanese citizen
( Kika sinsei )
for sole proprietor ¥170,000 ¥170,000  
for employee ¥150,000 ¥150,000

The above service includes:

  • Consultation
  • Preparation of the application forms
  • Creating the written reason to support the application
  • Submitting the application with the attachments to the immigration office
  • Correcting the documents after submission when it is required
  • Receiving the residence card ( * If it isn’t granted, we will check the reason why )

There are certain documents which are prepared by your side such as a certificate of Family Registry ( Koseki tohon) and a residence record of the entire family ( Jumin hyo ) etc, but if you wish us to prepare those documents, we can do that too with an additional fee.

1-4. Translation & Interpretation

For translation and interpretation services, please check the individual pages.
For Translation service, please check Translation. For Interpretation service, please check Interpretation.

2. When to pay

For the services which states “ one time payment “, please pay the full amount prior to the process starting.
Once we confirm that the payment has been made, we will proceed.

For the other services, we will send you a bill for our retainer fee after you sign the contract.
Once we confirm that payment of the retainer fee has been made, we will proceed.

We will send you another bill for the remaining fees, contingency fee plus any cost of revenue stamps ( if there are any additional expenses occurred, it will be included here ) once the application is permitted.

2-1 In case of rejection

  • The retainer fee will not be paid back to you under any circumstances.
  • In the case that a rejection is down to a mistake made by us, you will not have to pay the contingency fee.
  • If you want us to re-apply for it, we can do so, and once it is granted, then you pay the contingency fee.
  • You are still required to pay the contingency fee in any case that:
    * the reason for the rejection is because of any dishonesty in the application process.
    * you know that the possibility of approval is very low and agree to pay the contingency fee no matter what the outcome will be.

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If you want to ask us to take the case and make an inquiry about our services and fee, please fill out the form on the Contact us page and send it to us. We will get back to you in a few days.


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