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Gyoseishoshi lawyer  Eremi  Rey Hermosilla

Welcome to Visa Navi Japan – Your Trusted Immigration Partner
At Visa Navi Japan, we are always thinking about how we can ensure that each client can live comfortably and happily in Japan. We wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to each case, understanding the crucial impact that obtaining a visa has on the lives of foreigners in Japan. The denial of visa implies a forced return to one’s home country. Thus, we approach our work with a profound awareness of the significance it holds in our clients’ lives and the responsibility it carries.

Motivation and Beginnings:

My journey into becoming a Gyoseishoshi began with the need for my mother’s care, who had developed dementia. Consulting with a Gyoseishoshi during this challenging time left a lasting impression on me. Witnessing the profound impact of aiding those in need, I realized the great value of this profession. Subsequently, with the aim of having a career that allows for work from home, I dedicated myself to intensive studies to become a Gyoseishoshi, eventually passing the national exam. Thus, Visa Navi Japan came into existence.

Expertise in Visa and:

While Gyoseishoshi tasks cover a broad spectrum, my specialization lies in handling tasks related to foreigners’ visa matters and business consulting. This specialization in visa-related work for foreigners is deeply rooted in my personal experiences. Having lived abroad, I understand the challenges of visa renewal and change processes. Even with proper documentation, navigating bureaucratic procedures, facing unexpected document requirements, and enduring the uncertainty of approval can be overwhelming. Additionally, being in an international marriage provides insights into the concerns of individuals with foreign spouses. Beyond visa-related matters, I encourage clients to consult on various issues. Within visa matters, we particularly focus on assisting same-sex married couples. Despite same-sex marriage not being legally recognized in Japan, couples legally married abroad can apply for alternative visa options.

Business Consulting and Support:

As a business consultant, I leverage my experience as a former project manager. This enables me to provide support ranging from organizational management, team-building, establishment of companies, to formulating internal rules specific to companies with foreign workers. I also assist in the application process for subsidies, serving as the right-hand person for small business owners. While Gyoseishoshi cannot handle matters related to litigation, we excel in document preparation and application procedures for visas, permit and license applications, and the creation of business plans. My extensive experience as a project manager allows me to support the execution of business plans.

Motto and Commitment:

My motto is that there is no weapon more powerful than a smile. Even in the face of adversity, I believe that with perseverance and a positive attitude, doors will inevitably open. For the sake of bringing happiness to even more clients, I am committed to continuing this work in the future.

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