Work flow related to Japan visa application @ Visa Navi Japan in Hiroshima

How we work

Below is a work flow related to visa ( status of residence ) application.

1. Send us a consultation form

All new cases begin with a face to face consultation appointment. Please send us the consultation form describing your situation, and request for a face to face consultation.

2. Face to face consultation

For the first face to face consultation, please bring your passport, residence card and any other documents that you need to show us. We listen to your circumstances and needs in detail. We will then give you our best advice on the next steps you can take.

* In the case that you would like to have the first consultation at your place, 3000 yen is required to cover travel expenses. ( If it is not within Hiroshima city centre, additional costs are required )
* If you wish to stop the process at this point, you can do so.

3. Sign the contract

If you agree to proceed further with us, we will make a contract for you to sign. After you sign the contract, we will send you a bill for our retainer fee.

4. Start preparing the documents

Once we confirm that the payment of the retainer fee has been made, we start to prepare the necessary documents. Some documents will need to be obtained by youself. When you get these documents, please send them to us or bring them in.

5. Confirmation prior to application submission

Prior to submitting the application form to the immigration office, you acknowledge all the documents we have prepared and sign the application form / other documents where is required.
Upon receiving your passport / residence card we will give you a receipt.

6. Submission

Visa Navi Japan is to submit the application form to the immigration office for you. If there are any additional documents requested by the immigration office, we will deal with it.

7. After application is permitted

Once it is granted, we will inform you at once and send you the bill for the contingency fee. We will return your passport and new residence card, together with the copied documents we submitted.

8. In case of rejection

  • The retainer fee will not be paid back to you under any circumstances.
  • In the case that a rejection is down to a mistake made by us, you will not have to pay the contingency fee.
    * If you want us to re-apply for it, we can do so, and once it is granted, then you pay the contingency fee.
  • You are still required to pay the contingency fee in any case that:
    * the reason of the rejection is because of any dishonesty in the application process.
    * you know that the possibility of approval is very low and agree to pay the contingency fee no matter what the outcome will be.

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