How can I apply for a visa for my partner?

If you have a visa to work / live in Japan, and you would like to bring your partner to live with you, what kind of visa do you think he / she can apply for? 
There is a special type of designated activity visa and he / she can only apply for it once he / she is in Japan. (He / she must come to Japan with another type of visa first, such as a tourist one, and then apply to change the visa ) 

Can any same sex married couple apply for it?

As a rule, in order to apply for this visa, the same sex marriage should be recognized in both countries. 
For example, a Spanish and Brazilian couple can apply for it as both countries approve same sex marriages, but not a Russian and American couple for example, as Russia doesn’t recognize the same sex marriage.
However, according to the immigration office, it is possible to apply for the designated activity visa if the couple gets married properly in the country where the marriage has been approved even if the person’s home country’s law doesn’t approve same sex marriages. But this doesn’t promise anything. It is only POSSIBLE to apply for it, not to be rejected straight away. And the chance of getting the designated activity visa is very very low.

Can I work after I obtain the designated activity visa?

As a rule, the designated activity visa holders are not allowed to work in order to earn money. But you can work part time as long as permission is granted in advance. Referred to as “Permission to engage in activities other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted (shikakugai katsudo kyoka)”. This will allow you to work up to 28 hours a week.

What about Japanese and other nationalities?

If you are Japanese, and want to bring your same sex partner from other countries, then it is not possible for him / her to apply for a designated activity visa. The only way for him / her to come to Japan and live with you is to get the other types of visa, such as a working visa or a student visa. You might have heard that some ward office provides you with the certificate of partnership, but this doesn’t mean anything when it comes to a visa as Japanese law doesn’t approve same sex marriages.
Being married legally is only one condition that you need to consider, like any other married couple’s case. We must consider other conditions such as the financial side, housing, sincerity of the couple’s relationship etc.

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