Recently I have been contacted by many same sex married couples ( one is Japanese descendant, the other half isn’t ) about the visa situation for the same sex married couples.
I think there are three issues:

1. The visa for the Japanese descendants

Until recently, if you are a Japanese descendant, then you could apply for a visa ( long term resident, in most cases) directly from Brazil. But now, even if you are Japanese descendant you need to get the approved certificate of eligibility first. 

1-2. How to apply for the certificate of eligibility?

You have to ask your relatives in Japan to apply for the certificate of eligibility for you. Only your relatives can do this for you, not your friends. Once it is approved by the immigration in Japan, your relatives need to send the approved certificate to you,  together with the koseki tohon as a proof of your origin. 
So if you don’t have a relative in Japan, this process won’t work anymore. You have to get a working visa like everyone else in order to come to Japan to work. 
To get a working visa, please check this page.

2. The visa for the husband/wife of the Japanese descendants

For the husband / wife of Japanese descendant, you have to take two steps.
Firstly, you have to come to Japan with a tourist visa ( 90 days ) . Secondly, you change the tourist visa to a designated activity visa. 
Unfortunately, the Consulate in Brazil won’t issue any tourist visa at the moment. So if you want to come to Japan to be with your husband / wife, you need to get yourself a visa by yourself, not depending on marital status. 

3. Job situation

Even if you come to Japan, the job situation isn’t as good as before. It depends on the location where you live, but some of my clients lost their jobs and had a hard time finding a new one. Even if you find a new job, often the contract is renewed every month, so there is no guarantee on the continuity of work. 
So, please consider this when you decide to come to Japan, and do some research in advance. 
This is not very good news for the same sex married couples but this is the fact as of this writing.
I will post new information as soon as the situation changes.



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