I have explained the procedure  of “ getting divorced “ as well as what kind of visa you could apply for after divorce at Divorce in Japan page on this website. Most people would like to have a “Long Term Resident” visa as this allows you to engage in any type of work, similar to holding a Japanese spouse visa.

But this visa is not so easy to obtain, especially when there are no children involved. However, it is still possible, as in my client’s case, to obtain this visa, even when there is no child involved  and you are self-employed.

If you are in a difficult situation with your Japanese spouse, and need to talk to someone, please get in touch. If you don’t live in Hiroshima, why not visit me here? Aside from being able to help you face to face you can enjoy this wonderful, world famous city for yourself. I can certainly give you some advice on what to do and where to go after we’ve discussed your situation and some possible solutions. 


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If you are the same sex married couple like my clients and looking for the support,  or you have some questions about Japan visa and immigration, please contact us through the consultation form.



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