Finally, the visa for my client who is married to the same sex partner has been granted!

If you find a job in Japan and you want to bring your wife / husband to Japan, the applicable visa for him / her is a dependent visa. (so called ” family visa ” )

But if you want to bring your same sex partner, this dependent visa won’t be provided with her / him as the same sex marriage is not recognized yet in Japan even you are married to him / her legally in your country. The applicable visa in this case is a special type of designated activity visa which can be applied for once he / she is in Japan.

My clients are the same sex married couple from US and they got in touch with me last December while they were still in US. We exchanged the lots of emails and I requested them to gather necessary documents before they left US for Japan. Once they were here, I met up with them to explain the process of applying for this visa and we had a long chat, so that I could understand them more and it made it easier for me to prepare the explanation letter to the immigration office.

I applied for the designated activity visa for him late February and it took 3 months and a half to obtain the approval for this visa. I was so pleased and relieved when I got a phone call from the immigration office.
Today, we went to the immigration office together to receive the residence card and moved to a cozy café afterwards to celebrate this over a nice coffee and scones. What a lovely day today!

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