Eremi has been a great supporter throughout the application process. Despite the set-backs that we experienced, she kept believing in our case and helped us obtain my residency card. She told us exactly which documents we needed to assemble our initial application package, finalised the package and told us how and where to apply. She made this process run smoothly. Whenever we had questions or needed more time, Eremi was always easy to approach and happy to answer our questions. She was patient with us and clarified topics if we did not understand.
After our initial denial of visa, Eremi kept believing in our case and helped us to re-apply with new information. Even we needed to provide additional information, she persevered. She made direct contact with some of the authorities that needed to provide statements and guided them on the information that was requested. 
When we finally received the positive response, Eremi was really happy with and for us. We knew that she was really invested in our case, that we were not just another case file to deal with. 
We would happily recommend Eremi and the services that she can provide to any married same-sex couple that is thinking of moving to Japan together. She knows how the law works for us as she has been dealing with this type of visa many times. now. She will really support your case, going beyond what is required and fight for your right to get a residency card as a spouse living in Japan. 

This nice comment is from my recent client, who received the designated activity visa after 6 months even the first attempt was rejected by the immigration.

They are lovely couples from the Netherlands, the applicant is the Netherlander and his husband is Australian. Their case was very very tough. He applied to change the tourist visa to the designated activity visa on 28th of October, 2019.

We waited, waited and waited… and the result was finally available on 6th of February, 2020. Unfortunately, it was denial. I couldn’t believe the news because I was really confident about their case.
But then, I spoke to the immigration, asked the situation and what to do. By this time, I was pretty sure that there would be a chance so my client immediately reapplied.

On May 18th, he received the additional document request letter from the immigration. It wasn’t an easy request, but we talked about how we should do, then we prepared the documents, explaining one by one for the immigration to understand the facts and the truth, believing that this had to work.

On 25th of April, finally, after long long waiting time, he received the good news… it took 6 months!!!! 

What I would like to tell you here is, the rejection isn’t always the end of the world. There is a case that it is not possible at all to reapply, but you need to ask questions to the immigration, need to find out what their concerns are, clarify every doubt in your mind, then you can decide, whether to reapply or not. 

I am so so happy for them. They are such a lovely couple!

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