same sex marriageAccording to the news, Panasonic has decided that it will recognize its employees’ same-sex marriages starting from this April. The details are still under discussion, but it seems like that those benefits currently allocated to married employees would be equally given to those of same-sex marriages. IBM Japan is also taking a similar action, which is to pay marriage and relocation expenses, and Renown, a Japan-based company that produces textile and clothing, is providing same-sex married couples with a Marriage leave ( honey moon holiday ) once the partnership certificate is submitted to the company. For the details, please refer to this.
Same-sex marriage is not yet approved by the law in Japan, but hopefully this kind of movement will benefit couples.
If you have found a job in Japan, and are thinking of coming to Japan with your same-sex partner, the applicable visa is “ Designated Activity “ . In order to get a “ Designated Activity “ visa for your partner, he / she needs to come to Japan by tourist visa first, then try to change it to the  “ Designated Activity “ visa.
* This is applicable only for non-Japanese couples. The same-sex marriage between Japanese and non-Japanese hasn’t been recognized by law in Japan, your non-Japanese partner can’t get either a spouse visa or designated activity visa.

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