A Gyoseishoshi-lawyer, the official name in English is a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, can engage in the business of creating documents relating to rights, duties or the certification of facts at the request of clients and for a fee in accordance with the Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Act. By following this law, Visa Navi Japan provides the service of certifying a passport as well as a signature.

Certifying a passport

When you open a new bank account abroad, you are often requested to submit your passport. However, you can not submit the original, you submit a copy of the passport. This copy has to be certified by a third party who holds the relevant qualification under the law.

In Japan, the applicable person for this qualified third party is a lawyer or a Gyoseishoshi-lawyer and Visa Navi Japan can provide this service at your request.

At Visa Navi Japan, I certify passports by meeting the owner of the passport in person and confirm that he or she is the same person who appears on the passport. I will then certify that “This is a true copy of the original”, together with my signature and my Gyoseishoshi-lawyer’s license number on the copy of the passport.

Process of certifying a passport

  1. Please send the consultation form from our website, choosing “Certify passport” from “topic of your problems / inquiry” and write a message about your request. (For example, by when you need to have your passport certified, where you would submit it etc. )
  2. Visa Navi Japan will get back to you and decide when to certify your passport. Once the date is decided, please send the scanned data of the passport, the pages where you find the portrait photo.
  3. Please come with your passport and other photo ID, such as a zairyu card and a driving license. If you have sent me the scanned data of your passport prior to the meeting, I can provide you with the certificate right away. If not, it will take 10 to 15 mins to make a certificate.
  4. You pay the fee in cash when you receive the certificate of passport. The fee is 5400 yen per passport.

Please check with the requester by whom this certification needs to be done. Sometimes the requester’s embassy or consulate in Japan will certify your passport, or the passport must be certified by them. So please check if it is OK that the passport is certified by a Gyoseishoshi-lawyer who is qualified to do so under Japanese law.

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Looking for certifying passport service? Visa Navi Japan provides the service of certifying a passport at your request.

If you are looking for certifying a passport service,  please contact us through the consultation form.


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