As I mentioned in the other article, if you find a job in Japan and you want to bring your wife / husband to Japan, the applicable visa for him / her is a dependent visa. (so called ” family visa ” )

But if you want to bring your same sex partner, this dependent visa won’t be provided with her / him as same sex marriages are not recognized yet in Japan, even you are married legally in your own country. The applicable visa in this case is a special type of designated activity visa which can be applied for once he / she is in Japan.

On this occasion, my clients are from the UK. One of the couple came to Japan first as she was offered a job in Tokyo. She settled down then got in touch with me in July about a visa for her partner who was still in the UK. I got to know her and her partner through email, and built up a good base of evidence to present their relationship history leading up to their marriage.

Once her partner came to Japan, they made a short trip to Hiroshima to meet me in person. A face to face meeting is very important for me to be able to confirm any evidence of the relationship I have received via email.

They applied for the designated activity visa in late September and it was granted within two months.
With the visa granted now, they can go back to the UK for Christmas secure in the knowledge of their continued residence in Japan. A great present for all.

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