“My number” distribution starts from October 5th

My number system - social security social security and tax number systemYou may have heard about the “ My number system “ which is what the social security and tax number system will be known as. This individual number will be sent to all residents with a residence record ( Juminhyo ) in Japan, starting from October 5th, including non-Japanese residents. The notification letter from city hall is written in Japanese, so please do not throw it away by mistake because this number is used for the rest of your life here in Japan and won’t be changed by getting married or getting divorced.  

What to do when you receive a letter

When you receive the notification letter from city hall, please check that it includes : 

  • Notification Card ( with your number on )
  • Application for making an Individual Number Card
  • Return envelope
  • The explanation about the My number system

This individual number is used for administrative works under social security, taxation, and disaster response areas.
For example, if you are going to receive public assistance / welfare, then you will be needing this number. So, you go to the city hall and tell your individual number to the office staff. He / She confirms the individual number on Notification Card as well as your identification by Passport or residence card ( zairyu card ).
Or, you can apply for an Individual Number Card using the enclosed application form with return envelope. This card can serve for both, confirming your individual number and your identification. But you are not obliged to make the Individual Number Card. As long as you can identify yourself when you use the individual number there won’t be any problems.

What if you don’t actually live at the address which is on the residence record ( Juminhyo )

If you are not living at the same address your residence record shows for some reason, please go to city hall and explain the situation. You have to submit an application for registration of your actual address. This can be done by your representative, but should reach city hall by September 25th. If you are looking for someone to do this for you, please get in touch using our consultation form .

For the details, please visit here as well as Hiroshima city’s “My Number system”page.

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