Following a dream of life in Japan

DanyMoving to other country processes follow protocols and rules that are generally tiring and bureaucratic. Going to Japan in a relationship of the same-sex marriage is even more complicated by the simple fact that same-sex marriage is not yet recognized in the land of the rising sun. Living in another country is difficult, especially if you don’t know the language.  I came to live with my partnership in Japan in December 2019, after more than 01 year of planning.

Why did we decide to live outside Brazil and why choose Japan?

Well, my search for housing has always been for quality of life and security.
Unfortunately, currently, Brazil does not offer these items, and I lived in constant fear of our security and lack of something that I didn’t quite know what it was.  As my partner is a Japanese descendant, we determined to try to live in Japan, we already knew that security in this country is great.  Through social networks discovered that Eremi specializes in visas for same-sex couples and then we decided to contact her.

How was the process:

We got in contact Eremi in 2018. After consulting via Skype, we decided our immigration plan.  My wife came to Japan in April 2019 and I arrived at the end of December 2019 with a family visiting visa, shortly after we applied for a visa status change that was approved.  My wife’s visa who is a descendant is valid for 3 years and mine, as financially dependent, lasts 1 year and I have to renew every year.  Everything that we made was monitored and evaluated by Visa Navi Japan.

Where we decided to live

The choice of a city to live depends a lot on the affinity with the place, the salary and opportunities and the proximity to your goals.  Our main goals were to live close to her family and close to industrial centers that allow greater possibilities of employment.  We chose the city of Toyota, in Aichi.
After four months in Japan, I started working part time in a factory, made Japanese friends and even appeared on Japanese TV!  We still don’t know if we’re going to stay in Japan “forever”. There is still little time to have that answer. We only know that we have achieved some things since we arrived here, and we are making the most of this opportunity.

Whether it is worth immigrating?

Of course!  It is worth it first for personal growth.  But it is not easy to drop everything and restart from scratch.  For example, I left in Brazil a professional position guaranteed in a prestigious company, and I don’t regret it because I am pursuing my life dream.  So I think a person have to be very aware of what is doing when decides to immigrate. It takes a lot of courage and concrete goals to leave and not look back.

Understand that a large network is fundamental to the success of any immigration plan. And for those who are still on the journey, I wish you strength and faith, and a lot of research.  You will be able to get there!  In a little while it will be your turn to share your trajectory.  And when you arrive, send us a message!  We will be very happy to share success stories with our readers.

Stay tuned for more blog posts with tips!

Dany Utsumi

Dany Ustumi Conference and Event Planner / Virtual Assistant